Mark Duesling joined the staff at First Baptist in August 2014. 

His previous 20 years of ministry was among two Chinese Baptist churches, Bridle Trail, Markham and Malvern, Toronto.  Since he spent 16 years in the Chinese church he is commonly asked if he speaks Cantonese or Mandarin. No, he does not. He was the pastor in those churches for the English speaking congregations who were mostly Canadian born Chinese. In between serving those two churches he and his family spent a 4 year term as missionaries in Thailand under WEC International.

Mark was born and raised in rural southern Ontario, near Waterford. He attended Ontario Bible College in Toronto and later earned a M.A. in Theology from Trinity Seminary in the U.S. Ontario Bible College is where he met his wife Doris who being Chinese does speak, read and write fluent Cantonese and some Mandarin. They have two daughters.

Now that he lives in Mount Forest which is relatively close to the Beaver Valley and other areas that have beautiful portions of the Bruce Trail he hopes to become a regular hiker exploring for hours on end its twists, turns, waterfalls & cliffs.